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What is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is a type of lighting that is used in interior design to create a dramatic effect and highlight specific objects or areas in a room. This lighting technique is often used to draw attention to a focal point, such as a piece of artwork, sculpture, or architectural feature, and can help create a sense of depth and dimension in a space.

The main purpose of accent lighting is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room and create a specific mood or ambiance. This type of lighting is typically brighter and more focused than general lighting and is often used in conjunction with other lighting techniques to create a layered lighting design that provides both function and style.

When designing an accent lighting scheme, it is important to consider factors such as the size and shape of the room, the placement of the objects to be highlighted, and the desired effect. Different types of light fixtures can be used for accent lighting, including track lighting, wall sconces, and recessed lighting, depending on the specific needs of the space.



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